Experience the “Chef’s Table!”

About a month ago some friends invited my wife and I to join them for a “Chef’s Table” dinner at Epic Restaurant in Columbus, Georgia. Having been advised to bring our “fancy-night-out” clothes, my wife and I climbed into the car and made the 3 hour trek from Birmingham, Alabama down for dinner. While we were looking forward to a great evening with friends, we had no idea what was in store.

Epic Restaurant; Columbus, Georgia

My wife and I drove down the alley looking for a convenient place to park our car. From the looks of the small street, we were anywhere but the location of a “suit and tie” dinner. Indeed, the neighborhood seemed to me better suited for a “down home cafe.” However, our friends Mike and Laura knew better. Having parked the car street-side, we spied the “Epic” sign a few dozen yards off the street and made our way toward the door.

The first sign that we were entering an experience atypical from the rest of Columbus, Georgia was the “Appropriate Attire Required” sign on the door. Glad to be wearing our “evening best,” we parted the doors and made our presence known.

Once checked in, we enjoy a beverage and await our reservation appointment.

When Tyler swung wide the kitchen doors and announced he’d be our host for the evening we filed into the bowels of the restaurant and took our places at the “kitchen table.” While many restaurants across the country host “Chef’ Table” experiences, this one was immediately top-notch due to the height of the table and chairs. Seated high, dinner patrons are able to see the entire kitchen and all activities from their perch.

From our seats at the table, we could observe the kitchen preparing not only our dinner, but plates for the entire restaurant.

I won’t detail each and every course of dinner, however I will say the owner Jamie took pride in everything taking place that evening. He was present and accounted for in every aspect of our evening. Every course was creatively and carefully presented. Every scrumptious morsel was given detailed attention. Every bite was planned out as to how it fit with the overall meal, the other courses, and their relation to the story combined.

As the evening drew to a close, we had but one thought; when we return to Columbus, Georgia we would most definitely be returning to Epic Restaurant.

As for your own area of the country… whether you’re in Boston, Cincinnati, Miami, Sedona, Seattle, or Kansas, find a restaurant owner who features a “chef’s table” experience and find out for yourself!

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